Product Design

We will ensure that the full potential of your idea is utilized. Based on your vision, we will create an innovative product and develop a strategy that will ensure its market success.

In the process of creating new solutions, we use our industry experience as well as a User Experience & Product Design approach. We take into account your business goals, technology preferences, budget, and time constraints.

We combine creativity with strategy to deliver a product that will delight with its design, meet the needs of your customers, and bring you the best possible business results.


The interface is the hallmark of your product. It’s crucial for gaining and maintaining your customers’ loyalty, so it should be attention-grabbing, intuitive, visually appealing, and functional from the get-go.

We’ll develop the visual design of your product based on carefully selected user research, existing data analysis, competitor analysis, and benchmarks. The knowledge gained at this stage will help us better understand your product’s target audience and their preferences.

We’ll identify their behavior, motivations, limitations, and needs. We’ll create interface prototypes and conduct usability tests on them. Based on this, we’ll design what the target and potential users are looking for in your app, along with an intuitive and user-friendly UI design.

UI - User Interface design

Research and Usability Testing

We use a variety of research techniques that we tailor individually to your project’s needs. We analyze existing data, competitors, and benchmarks. We conduct interviews and observations involving users and perform usability tests on prototypes. This allows us to design precisely what future users of your product are looking for, helping you achieve business goals and market success.

Feasibility Study

This is a stage that should not be missing in any project, as it allows you to determine the potential of a planned undertaking before making a decision to proceed. It protects against making wrong business decisions that could pose serious investment risks, both for the project and the company. It also helps increase the chances of success for those ideas you decide to continue with.

We’ll provide recommendations and valuable information to help you make decisions on how and to what extent to proceed with your project. We’ll analyze and evaluate your idea for its technical, economic, and operational feasibility. We’ll verify if it’s realistic and profitable, point out potential challenges and risks, and thoroughly investigate the technological, market, and business aspects. We’ll develop an action plan, identify the necessary steps, and estimate the time and resources needed for their completion. We’ll also specify what benefits your project will bring in a business, technological, and user context.


We transfer solution concepts to interactive models that reflect the real interactions and functions of the product. This is what a prototype allows: early testing, evaluation, and iterative improvement. This way, before we proceed to further stages, we can assess the effectiveness of various elements with you and the users, and identify areas that need improvement. It’s the ideal moment to try out various ideas, for which we continuously collect feedback during usability testing. As a result, we’ll present you with a solution proposal and product strategy, including the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

UX - User Experience design


Modeling allows us to thoroughly examine and understand the process, identify areas for improvement, and experiment with different scenarios and strategies.

During modeling, we create a graphical representation of processes, often in the form of workflow diagrams, that show the sequential steps, stages, decisions, interactions, and dependencies among them.

Modeling allows us to visualize the full path of process flow and work, identify key influencing factors, and detect potential problem areas or places for optimization. We can simulate the operation of processes in different scenarios, allowing us to assess their efficiency and impact on the user. This, in turn, opens the door for experimentation and making decisions based on solid data and analysis.

Thanks to modeling, we can adapt actions to changing conditions and create more effective product strategies for you, helping you achieve better results.

Tools & techniques:

Event Storming


Testy użyteczności

Testy A/B






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