Laboratory work

We will ensure that the potential of your idea is fully utilized. Based on your vision, we will create an innovative product and develop a strategy to ensure its market success.

We have our own intellectual and technological infrastructure. In our engineering lab, we conduct research and experiments on our own electronics, mechanics, and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Having our own lab gives us a unique opportunity for testing, prototyping, and refining our solutions in a controlled environment, as well as quickly responding to changing market needs or the emergence of new technologies.

We will support you at every stage of the process, delivering solutions that will bring you value and achieve your set goals.

R&D Product Design

In the process of creating new solutions, we utilize our industry experience and the User Experience & Product Design approach. We take into account your business goals, technology preferences, budget, and timeframe. We combine creativity with strategy to deliver a product that will delight with its design, meet the needs of your customers, and bring you the best business results.

To provide you with recommendations and valuable information that will help you make decisions about the scope and manner of your project’s implementation, we’ll conduct a feasibility study. We’ll analyze and assess its technical, economic, and operational viability. We’ll verify if it’s realistic and profitable, identify potential challenges and risks, and thoroughly examine the technological, market, and business aspects of the entire undertaking. We’ll develop an action plan, outline the necessary steps, and estimate the time and resources needed for its realization. We’ll also determine what benefits your project will bring in a business, technological, and user context.

User research, existing data analysis, competitor analysis, and benchmarks will allow us to better understand the recipients of your product. We’ll identify their behavior, motivations, limitations, and needs. Based on this, we’ll create prototypes on which we’ll conduct usability tests. Prototypes enable early testing, evaluation, and iterative refinement. This way, before proceeding to further stages, we can jointly assess which elements are effective and which require improvement.


Our work doesn’t end with design. We conduct engineering work on every aspect of new technology production. This includes both hardware, such as conceptualization and construction of electronics and mechanics, as well as software development that supports and complements these components.

Don’t have a backend in the form of electronic devices, specialized computer hardware, or other physical components and tools used in electronics or mechanics work?

We’ll provide all the necessary equipment and an experienced team of specialists. This allows you to focus on concept and idea creation, while we handle their materialization. You can be assured that the developed technology will function as intended and be executed at the highest level of efficiency and reliability.

Electronics Lab

Technology Implementation

We’ll verify the applicability of your product in various industries. We’ll analyze trends, challenges, and opportunities to identify areas where your solution can bring the greatest benefit. We’ll examine customer needs to create or adapt the product for specific sectors and deliver a solution that meets their requirements.


We test new concepts, technologies, and solutions to gather valuable data and insights. Through experiments, we can verify our hypotheses and test the effectiveness of solutions.

Our experiments are meticulously planned and executed according to best practices. We build prototypes and create controlled environments in which we observe and analyze their behavior, performance, and safety. We collect data to draw conclusions and help you make the right decisions.

Experiments help us introduce innovations, test new technologies and approaches, and adapt solutions to changing needs and expectations, both yours and your customers’.