Big Data

Some claim that data is the new oil. We can’t entirely agree with that, because oil resources are limited, while data is growing at an incredible pace.

The data you possess contains a wealth of information. You can use it to consciously steer your company or project. We can estimate future events from the data, allowing you to stay a step ahead of the competition!

How to approach data processing and extract business value from it? See how we can assist you.


We will familiarize ourselves with your business goals and technological constraints. We’ll talk to users, gather requirements from various stakeholders, and reconcile often conflicting needs. We’ll document the information collected in a language understandable to technical people.

We will help you better understand your data and utilize its potential so that the business decisions you make are based on solid and reliable foundations—high-quality information.

BI report

BI Reports

We’ll help you build BI reports that, with the use of visualization tools, will aid you in data analysis and monitoring key performance indicators. To deliver specific, easy-to-interpret data visualizations, we design reports tailored to your needs. This allows you to quickly and effectively analyze your data, identify key trends, draw conclusions, and make informed business decisions.

Data Warehouses

We will support you in effectively gathering, processing, and presenting large amounts of data. We’ll make sure they are organized and understandable, and the code is efficient, easy to develop, and maintain. We’ll build data warehouses for you—from resource collection to storage, processing, and integration with machine learning models (ML/AI) to reporting. We provide monitoring, access security, data quality, and CI/CD processes for both code and data.


In our company, we use the latest and most advanced technologies, including cloud solutions that revolutionize the way data is processed and information is analyzed. With cloud infrastructure, we can provide you with scalable and flexible computing resources, enabling efficient processing of massive amounts of data in real-time.

Cloud solutions enable us to efficiently and securely process and analyze large digital datasets and generate precise reports. This allows us to deliver clear and understandable information that helps in discovering valuable insights and making informed business decisions.

Data warehouse architecture


We will provide comprehensive solutions that include designing, configuring, and optimizing data processing infrastructure. We’ll smartly match technologies to the needs and capabilities of your company and project.

We will develop a concept and then propose its components. We will estimate costs and scalability options. We’ll pay attention to vendor lock-in, show how to avoid it, and propose solutions that are easily migrable to other environments.

We’ll also ensure that they are easily scalable, flexible, and secure. They will offer high performance and allow for the effective processing and analysis of large data volumes. We’ll select the best methods considering the development perspective of your team and the availability of skilled workers in the job market.


Azure Data Factory




Google BigQuery