Managed services

We specialize in research and development projects. We provide complete, multidisciplinary teams that operate in accordance with best practices and cutting-edge methods.

Our broad range of skills and experience enables us to effectively manage diverse tasks. So far, we have supported projects in industries such as fintech, e-commerce, biotech, and even in the space industry!

We focus on open communication and collaboration. We will take care of precise project management, timely delivery of results, and progress monitoring. We are fully committed and take full responsibility for all stages of our collaboration. Together, we will achieve your business goals and deliver innovative solutions that bring value and satisfaction to you and your customers.

Multidisciplinary Teams

A new project sometimes requires expanding an existing team with new skills. Often, this involves costly and time-consuming talent hunting. What if you didn’t have to go through that? We will provide you with top-class engineers, experts, coordinators, as well as complete production teams perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our employees have a broad range of skills and experience in various fields and technologies. Our teams are flexible, scalable, and ready to work on both small and large projects. We will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge, but also a professional approach and commitment. We will manage your project and coordinate activities at every stage. We guarantee transparency, quality, and efficiency of the project.

By choosing us, you have peace of mind and confidence that your project is being carried out by experienced professionals who meticulously take care of every detail.

Project Methodology

We know that a dynamic market demands flexibility, quick response to changes, and effective communication. That’s why we regularly use Agile methodologies, allowing us to deliver top-quality results.

We focus on atmosphere and a cohesive Agile team. Regular feedback and a culture based on company values provide transparency and proper communication. We consistently adopt a product-oriented approach, which allows us to quickly verify assumptions and adapt to changing conditions and requirements. Regular reviews, measuring effects, and iterative and incremental approaches enable effective delivery of customer-oriented valuable results.

This working style gives you control over the project, as well as confidence that it is being implemented effectively and in accordance with the latest industry standards.


A good PMO serves as a bridge connecting the client to the production team – this is exactly the role our PMO excels in. It will not only ensure smooth execution of your project at all stages, but will also develop a coherent plan, define objectives, timeline, resources, and budget. It will provide professional oversight, track the progress of work, and monitor risks. It will ensure transparency and effective communication within the project team and with stakeholders. Thanks to its presence, you will have full insight into progress and the ability to make informed decisions at every moment of your venture.

We employ tried-and-true project management methodologies, and all our actions are directed towards achieving the project goals on time, within scope, and within a specified budget.