IoT Device Design

We specialize in projects related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s an exciting field that’s changing our world and opening up endless possibilities. We conduct our own research and development on technology that we hope will change the world and enable humanity to reach for the stars.

We explore how to intelligently integrate devices, networks, software, and people to create harmonized, efficient, and sustainable solutions.

We design and build all components ourselves, such as hardware, mechanics, and software. We have our own infrastructure and a team of engineers and experts in the IoT and AI fields.

We use the latest scientific achievements and research to create innovative, AI-driven, HID (Human Interface Devices) controllers that enable comfortable and intuitive communication with technology.

We take joy in turning your ideas into reality and participating in the technological revolution. We are ready to take on new, interesting challenges and solve the most complex problems. Our aim is to strive for a better and more integrated tomorrow.

PCB Design


We deliver fully integrated IoT solutions. We handle all project elements ourselves and work on our own electronics, mechanics, and software. We develop custom solutions from scratch using AI (machine and deep learning). We engage in designing, building, and testing electronic circuits, sensors, and communication modules. We use modern technologies and components such as microcontrollers, sensors, communication modules, battery and wireless power. We create intelligent solutions that enable data collection, processing, and transmission to and from devices. We build prototypes and ready-to-use products that meet customer requirements and quality standards. Thanks to our expertise in electronics, we are able to tailor solutions to the specific needs of each project, ensuring efficient and reliable IoT technology.


Mechanics sets everything in motion… but also studies what remains still. We are interested in both states.

We work on our own mechanics. We design, build, and test mechanical elements for IoT applications. We produce mechanical parts, assembly systems, and enclosures using various techniques, including 3D printing, and conduct endurance and usability tests on them. Our team of mechanical engineers ensures optimal ergonomics, durability, and performance of mechanical components to create products that are not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Embedded Systems

Though they may not be large in size, their role is invaluable. They are responsible for controlling devices and monitoring their various functions in real-time.

We develop and program our own intelligent embedded systems for IoT applications. We create software that manages hardware, communication, security, and IoT device functions. Our solutions encompass microcontroller programming, inter-device communication, data analysis, and cloud integration. With our experience, we can create IoT solutions that not only meet the highest technical and functional requirements but also fit perfectly with your needs.


Transforming the concept of solutions into reality is the most fascinating and anticipated moment for us. It’s the stage where dreams become reality, and abstract visions take real shape.

We start with a proof of concept (PoC) aimed at verifying whether our ideas are technically feasible, have potential, and meet your and your customers’ expectations. We conduct this stage before full implementation, as it allows for the quick identification of potential issues. This enables us to present you with early versions of the product, i.e., prototypes. Prototypes allow for the verification and testing of new concepts, technologies, and solutions. They help assess performance, scalability, and functionality. They enable us to visualize, present, and evaluate our ideas and solutions right from the initial phase of the project. This allows for iterative improvement, taking into account the opinions of both you and your customers, and product optimization.

Prototyping leads to the creation of actual commercial products. Devices designed in our lab are manufactured by us or commissioned to trusted subcontractors. We place great emphasis on excellence and precision, ensuring that every detail of each creation stage is meticulously refined.

Testing and Documentation

Our philosophy is to test as early and as often as possible. Testing ensures that our solutions are ready for deployment and operation in real-world conditions. They minimize the risk of errors and improve the usability and efficiency of solutions. They guarantee that our products are of the highest quality, are reliable, and meet our customers’ expectations.

Testing occurs at various stages of the production process. We start as early as the prototype phase, through beta versions, to final products. We perform functional, performance, integration, security, and usability tests. We continuously analyze the results and identify issues to make real-time improvements and corrections. We want to make sure your product is fully market-ready.

We also understand how essential proper documentation of device operation and components is. Properly prepared documentation helps in better understanding the product but also in its development and maintenance. We will take care of creating clear, precise, and comprehensive technical documentation.

We’ve got it! What’s next?

We’re delighted when technology meets expectations and grows with the needs of our recipients. That’s why our commitment doesn’t end with delivering a working product. Our team is available for maintenance, updates, and necessary adjustments, even after the project’s implementation. We also offer support in training, instruction, and knowledge transfer so you can get the most out of your technology.


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