the mission

The Mission

Our mission is to deliver highest quality software, hardware and experts in order to support the digital transformation and the development of world-changing technologies that will bring mankind to the stars.

the vision

The Vision

We intend to become the brightest star on the Polish and the world’s IT companies sky map by participating in the biggest IT ventures and re- search & development endeavours.

the identity

The Identity

We are fascinated by astronomy and the limitless possibilities of the cosmos.
Astrokyon (gr. Αστροκύων) – “dog star” – in ancient Greece, this was the name of Sirius, the brightest star on the sky. Sirius symbolizes our passion for learning and exploring unknown spaces.

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

We combine our skills and passion to create technologies that make life more comfortable and fascinating. The foundation of our organizational culture includes:​


We strive for excellence to achieve common goals and build lasting value for our partners. Professionalism to us means not only skills and experience but also passion and commitment. It is a philosophy that drives us towards continuous growth, present in the quality of our services, reliability, and precision in our actions.


Our relationships are built on honesty, transparency, and accountability. It is the compass guiding us through the maze of daily challenges. Ethics, to us, means caring for people, the environment, and society. It is the awareness that our decisions and actions impact the world and future generations.


We value collaboration based on trust, mutual support, and shared goals. We believe in dialogue, mutual respect, openness, and transparency. Together, we can achieve success and build a sustainable future for our company and partners.

Feedback Culture

This is the source of our development, quality, commitment, and loyalty. We place importance on openness and respect for different perspectives. Through a feedback culture, we create an open and inspiring work environment based on trust and good relationships.


Understanding, empathy, and consideration for shared needs and values are essential to us. Respect means openness, honesty, and acting responsibly. By respecting others, we create a positive and inspiring atmosphere that fosters both personal and business growth.